Four Motions

The second book by father/son team Robert and David de Hilster on giving physicality to the entire universe.

One of the most elusive goals in physics has been the unification of the so-called "fundamental forces of nature" into what is know as a "Theory of Everything": This book attempts to do exactly that by showing that gravity, light, magnetism, and electricity are all the same particle and only differ in the way in which they move.

For centuries, physicists have come up with mathematical equations to describe the effect of forces on objects in the universe. Newton and Einstein gave us an equation for gravity. Coulomb gave us an equation for the electromagnetic force. Other forces have been more elusive, so much so, that scientists have concentrated on unifying only three of the four supposed "fundamental forces" into a "Grand Unified Theory". A Theory of Everything (ToE) has until now, been completely out of reach.

The problem lies in the fact that unification has been seen as a mathematical endeavor and not a physical one. With scientists such as Dr. William Lucas coming up with a "Universal Force" equation, the fact remains that all these equations still only describe the effects of a force and not the actual force itself.

The entire universe is made up of these four motions at all levels of the universe.

In May of 2015, Robert de Hilster came up with a universal motion for light. Soon after, son David proposed a universal motion for electricity as well as bringing in the universal motions for gravity and magnetism as described by LeSage and Dinu respectively.

If you truly believe that everything in the universe is physical including all forces, then these forces must be generated by something that moves. This book proposes four universal motions in physics from which all forces in nature can be explained. Within the pages of this book lie explanations for such things as light, gravity, magnetism, electricity, white light, Coulomb's law, rainbows, electronic circuits and more...

Once you grasp the four universal motions of physics, you will be able to contribute to building a working, physical model of the universe without fighting a, single mathematical equation