Documentary Started on de Hilster Collaboration

Documentary filmmaker Javier Perez has started filming a documentary about the scientific collaboration of father-son team Robert and David de Hilster, currently residents of Boca Raton Florida. Robert, 86, and David, 64, are finishing their second book entitled ”The Four Universal Motions in Physics” which they claim gives physicality to the entire universe without needing any mathematical equations.


Filming started in January 2024 at the de Hilster’s residence and will continue through the first half of this year. The documentary will focus on the unique scientific relationship between this father and son and how they came across what they call the four universal motions in physics. “I want to know how this father-son team came to this. It’s unique in science to have such a team, especially in physics. And how did they arrive at their findings?” says Javier, a 22 year-old filmmaker.

Javier Perez is an accomplished cinematographer who is now directing a short documentary.

Javier Perez is a cuban cinematographer based in South Florida. His work has been screened at Sundance Film Festival, Miami Film Festival, World Cinema Amsterdam, Hollyshorts Film Festival, New York Latino Film Festival, London International Short Film Festival, LASA Film Festival, Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano, among others. Has been awarded twice at “Muestra Joven Festival” in Havana as Best Director of Photography. He also participated at “Talents Guadalajara” and “Collective Crew 1st Edition” in Mexico. Invited to talk at ITESO University of Guadalajara. Currently works in the Music Video field in South Florida.

”This is a story that is bigger than this unique team of scientists. It goes deeper. The de Hilster’s are part of a world-wide network of scientists who challenge mainstream science and whose voices are not being heard.” says Perez. “I’m from a generation truths have been hidden by those in power and am finding out from the de Hilster’s that this is also true physics and cosmology where mainstream science will not listen to criticisms or look into alternative models or theories. This is not surprising to our generation and we are not afraid to expose this.” continues Perez.

Robert de Hilster sits down in the de Hilster home in Boca Raton for the first session of interviewing for the documentary film by Javier Perez.

First Book

Their first book, “Principia Mathematica 2: A Complete Toolkit for Hacking the Physical Universe” was published in 2021 and three years later, they have come to understand more about what they have found and thus are writing a second book. The term “Four Universal Motions in Physics” came up during a long car conversation in August of 2022 on their way back from Atlanta. “We were so busy having fun hacking the universe with what we then called the ‘Particle Model’, that we never took the time to closely study what we actually found,” son David de Hilster recalls. “During that long drive, I kept talking with my dad until we came up with the four motions and then we knew we had to write a second book.”

Javier Perez checks the lighting for the first interview with one of the featured characters in his new documentary.

Einstein Wrong Documentary

David de Hilster is not unfamiliar with making documentaries having spent eight years making the feature-length documentary “Einstein Wrong – The Miracle Year” which premiered in 2013. Although de Hilster sent his documentary to over 80 film festivals world-wide, the gatekeepers were too worried about the possible negative publicity given the title – something de Hilster did not see coming. “I didn’t count on the gate keepers at film festivals being so skittish on a topic that criticizes mainstream physics and cosmology. I thought that’s what documentaries films are supposed to do: expose problems in our culture and in science”, de Hilster commented.

The poster for the 2013 feature documentary “Einstein Wrong” directed by David de Hilster.

Since the early 1990s, David has been involved with critical thinkers from all around the world and has come to see the many problems in physics. “Relativity is not the only problematic theory or system out there. The Big Bang, quantum mechanics, particle physics, plate tectonics, black holes, dark energy – even our mathematical system has flaws and it’s time for the world to know this.” says David.

Four Motions

David had collected what he calls “a-ha moments” over the years including one from his father. “My father solved one of the biggest problems in physics and didn’t even know it. Combining my dad’s finding with other a-ha moments gave us what we first called the ‘particle model’. Several years later we were hacking the universe with this model.” adds David.

It’s hard to make such a big shift from the comfort of mathematical formulas to pure visualizations needed for this model. David believes the time is right for change. “People today have grown very skeptical of so-called experts and I think the time is right to expose the major problems in physics and cosmology”, says David. “It’s the theories that are complex and paradoxical, not the universe. And that must change.”

David de Hilster during his first interview for the documentary with some of his artwork in the background.

De Hilster hopes that someone in the younger generation like Perez will not be afraid of taking on the idea that mainstream physics and cosmology needs an overhaul and that this time, the world will be ready for such a message. Although Einstein Wrong made it into the final lists of several film festivals, it was never selected and currently resides as an on-demand video on Vimeo were people can view it for a modest fee.

David adds: “Our first book was all over the place. It was hard for people to grasp exactly what we found so we are looking to be much more concise and more organized in this second book.”

The plan is for both the book and documentary to come out sometime in 2024.