Book Coming 2024

Father-son team Robert and David de Hilster are writing their second book on a physical model of the entire universe which is coming in 2024.

Three years after publishing their first book, “Principia Mathematica 2: A Complete Toolkit for Hacking the Physical Universe“, they the father-son team has come to understand more about what they have found and now are publishing their second book “The Four Universal Motions in Physics”. The de Hilster’s came up with this name during a long car conversation in August of 2022 on there way back from Atlanta. “We were so busy having fun hacking the universe with what we then called the ‘Particle Model’, that we never took the time to closely study what we actually found,” son David de Hilster recalls. “I kept talking with my dad during the 8 hour drive until we came up with the notion of ‘four motions’ and then we knew we had to write a second book.”

David adds, “Our first book was all over the place. It was hard for people to grasp exactly what we found so we are looking to be much more concise and more organized in this second book.”

The plan is for both the book to come out sometime in 2024.